Shameless Promoting

I have been working hard on building up more stock of my cards for submission to Olana, to have them ready at the drop of a hat when my client emails me "NEED MORE CARDS" and to have for others to buy.

I just spent nearly 100 dollars investing in about 500 pieces of new paper and postcards, in order to be ready. It is harder and harder to get antique paper at a price that I can afford to create with.

I am a one woman show here, and only hire someone on occasion to help me put on the finishing touches of glitter for holiday cards, to package/label/price them, and that is usually just before a big show. The rest of the time I do it all myself; the designing, sewing, and usually everything else in between. Then there is the marketing, the listing on Etsy, and the occasional post here and on Facebook etc.

I will never get "wealthy" from these cards, as they are labor and material intensive, but oh do I so enjoy making them. Since I often can't get into the studio for long enough periods of time to paint, I can go in there for snippets of time to make mini works of art at affordable prices. Imagine the joy and surprise when I go into people's houses, some of them strangers, and I see my cards on their mantle, or in a frame on their wall?

I never know what I will create when I am in the studio. They can be a humorous bunch, or just simple cards with adorable images of cats and dogs. Some are naughty, some are hysterical.

The only downfall I may have in the way I work is consistency, as unless you order a style that you see and like, I might not make the same thing ever again!

Off to email the buyer at Olana and send her some samples. I need to get an idea of what she likes, so I can get busy and get a batch together.

Also, my cards are down at BECKON on the Strand in Kingston. If you are a local reader, support Mary Ann's store, which has lovely handmade items made by local artists who are struggling in this poor economy.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you like my style, stop by ETSY (my pagibbons site) and visit. And, if you are interested in Antique paper for your own work or amusement, stop by the other shop, Catskillpaper.

Off to get back to work!

Patti O Production


annie kelleher said…
these are beautiful!! im going to check out your etsy store now!!
I am so glad that you are putting art on your blog. I love it. The cards are beautiful. Mine is framed. You and I create with the same sort of mindset - what we make today might not be what we make tomorrow. We might duplicate a few but then that's it. There's always a new idea to try.

I am not sure how to find you on =)) Patti O Incognito!
Judy Vars said…
Your cards are sooo great and unique. I must get more.

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