Tromping Through Massachusetts

Larry and I promised ourselves a break after the holidays to spend time together on a little romantic jaunt. We headed north, crossed over the Hudson, and headed to Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

As we drove thru the Berkshires, we saw the horrid damage from the last storm. The tops of the trees along a several mile stretch were all broken off from the severe ice build up. The weaker ones were flattened, the younger ones losing the weakest branches and the tops. It was surreal.

We stopped in Great Barrington for lunch at a Thai restaurant, and went to the Outfitter store which had a GREAT buy on winter boots. As my feet were freezing in my leather boots, I bought myself a pair of Canadian boots - Pajars.

The last pair of Canadian boots I had were toasty warm, the bottoms lined with some kind of silver space age material. They lasted for years until I rode them horseback riding and they got full of mud and manure, got thrown into the basement, only to fall victim to the mold monster.

The Canadians have got the boot thing right, after all, most of the country gets slammed with snow and frigid cold in the winter....worse than here. They might not be the top fashion statement, but they are warm, 100% waterproof, and are comfortable. And they have a zipper AND lace adjust so that I can wear with woolly tights, leggings, over jeans or under them.

Afterwards to the Red Lion Inn. As soon as we settled in, we headed to the downstairs pub, for a chocolate martini and a cosmo. Photo courtesy Larry. Dinner followed at Once Upon a Table, then back to our room for a very lovely evening. We watched TV for a bit with the gas fireplace turned up, watching (now don't laugh) a fascinating documentary on how the weather played an important part in the American Revolution.Hard to believe that a different set of weather patterns could have lost the Revolution, and we would be singing a very different national anthem!

Another night of no sleep and horrid night sweats, and having no choice but to take a sleep aid. Peri-menopause and horrid horrid hormones are rearing their ugly head again I fear, and I am not quite sure what to do.....

Today we were totally lazy, hung out in the room till noon, went for a late breakfast, and did some shopping before we headed home.

On the way back, we stopped at the state historic site Olana, the home of Hudson River painter Frederick Church. I took some photos as I am taking another painting course under an artist I really admire, so I needed new photographs for reference.

Surprisingly the gift shop was open and I met the buyer again. She wants to carry my cards in the shop on consignment, and I agreed to send her a batch within the month in time for the spring season. WHAT AN HONOR to have my work there, in one of the most romantic and breathtaking historical sites in the Hudson Valley. It ranks along side of Mohonk in its views and magic.

So off I go to unpack. No Super Bowl party for me, though I was invited to one. I have done enough relaxing, and have to get some work done.

Patti O Traveler

PS I tried re-designing my blog with a free, html "paste in" which totally messed it up losing a lot of my special widgets and links, but as always, out of the bad came good as I am beginning to like what I designed myself. I need some HTML help on this, so I might have to trade/hire someone, but it is a start. What do YOU think?


Judy Vars said…
I love the chocolate brown background color, it goes with your hair. It sounds like a totally relaxing weekend. We must do that soon.

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