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I love historical books and movies, whether they are biographies or historical fiction. I wonder why I have such a passion for it as there was nothing in my life that would have influenced such a greedy hunger for it. Perhaps it is the little girl or pre-adolescent deep within me working through my fantasies of knights in shining armor, of being rescued, or treated like a princess or a queen. Or maybe the artist in me yearns to don gorgeous dresses and jewels. And let's not forget sordid affairs, cuckolded husbands and the such.

Though I only read 35 of the 100 greatest fiction books listed by the BBC, (and I am sorry, but The DaVince Code should have NEVER been on that list) I have also read countless books on subjects such as Marie Antoinette, Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, Edward VII, Jenny Churchill, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Cleopatra,etc.

I have watched also lots of movies that are also of this ilk, and as I sit and type here, I suddenly have a flashback to the first movie of this genre that I watched - one of my all time favorites - A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS. Perhaps this jump started my obsession with said movies, and also movies that deal with the dark side of religion, which not only educated me but freed me from the religious brainwashing done by family, priests and nuns in my formative years. Some of those heavy hitters include The Name of the Rose, The Mission, The Magdalen Laundries and Queen Margot. What mankind has done in the name of religion.

What prompted this blog was my recent renting of The Queen and Queen Margot. I found the first movie rather dull, and I certainly hope Royal Family is much interesting in person, and was horrified by the French film Queen Margot starring Isabele Adjani (Ishtar, Camille Claudel, and Daniel Auteuil. (Manon of the Spring and most recently, My Best Friend) Though it was full of violence and dead bodies, it also was ripe with passion (thanks to the French) and fabulous costumes. (it won a Golden Globe I believe for the costumes). The 2.5 hours of reading subtitles flew faster than watching Brad Pit de-age in Benjamin Button. (no matter how hard I try, he doesn't excite me one bit)

So off I go upstairs, to see what else I have to watch. I think I have watched nearly all the movies I borrowed or rented from Net Flix, so I am either going to read some Maya Angelou, or watch some news, which can be oh-so-dull and depressing. Same spin, over and over.

Or, I'll make up my own story in my head, lying on my heated bed.

Didn't mean to make that rhyme, lol

patti o royalty


annie kelleher said…
or maybe you had a bunch of past lives during those times you are particularly drawn to ;). and brad pitt never did much for me, either. i like a man who looks like a man, not a baby-face boy.

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