Widgets and Gadgets and Code OH MY

So I pretend I am a code writer. I try and make one of my logos link to my Catskill Paper blog, the one that has all of my art on it. I copy code from another source, and blindly try and write my own. I post, review my blog, and horrors, instead I lost all my blog writing. How I did that, I have no idea, but the combos of periods, forward slashes, words, etc. made all of my writing go away. Everything else was fine, but instead of my cute little picture that was supposed to link to my other blog, blogger went bonkers and poof, my wonderful (or for some of you -- not so wonderful) words of wisdom vanished.

Fortunately I got rid of the code- once I found it, and decided that I really need to consult with someone about my marketing ideas, my coding etc. Let's face it; I am not a professional graphic designer (though I am not too bad at some of it) and I have MINIMAL HTML coding experience. And widgets, aren't they cousins of midgets?

So, I have found someone online whose work I like, and for what seems to be a reasonable amount of money, I can have her start to rework my art blog. This blog I am OK with for now, but I think that my art blog and my etsy site should be done really nicely. After all, I am representing art, aren't I?

I am supposed to be at a Oscar Party, but the wind is howling, it is cold, wet, and icy out, and I did not leave the house all day. I hope my friend isn't pissed, but I told him that I don't want to go out. Besides, I think my hormones have just dumped big time on me, which explains the headache, fatigue, and my wanting to just sit and nest.

So off to the heated bed I go, with visions of code imprinted in my brain. Tomorrow is another day to think about this.....

and tonight's pic is of my button for Catskill Paper. I think it rather fabulous, and need to make it work as a button correctly without wiping my words off the face of the planet.

Patti O Code Failure


annie kelleher said…
i was amazed at how cold and blustery it turned last night. i had no plans to go anywhere but a heated bed sure sounds nice! i hope you have a soothing peaceful week!

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