Some Beautiful Prints

Today was a busy day. Studio work again, but I so LOVE being in my wonderful studio, built by my friend Tom. I fantasize about bumping it up to a second floor, with a sliding glass doors that opens out to a small deck. It would be sort of like a loft, and the floor where I would just paint. I would have a day bed there of course as I have always wanted a day bed in my studio.

Dream on...I think. But dreams CAN come true!

Here are some prints I have on Ebay. They are late 1800's, fab for framing for your house. From a traveling salesman's catalog. My ID (in case you are hankering for one) is catskillpaper.

Off to finish off a bunch of stuff I still need to do before I sleep.

Ciao for now,

Patti O Seller


annie kelleher said…
oooh i love the new look!! the gray is soo... classy :). it's so nice to be back in bloggerland!!!

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