A Noble Cause

My friends Kathryn, Zoksang and their two lovely children live down the street from me. In fact, they live in a house that I wanted to buy with #2 some 20 years ago. At the time I thought 180,000 was preposterous, and we found the home that I live in now, for 128,000 which I thought was still too much money.

It is a huge Victorian home, with several parlors that have pocket doors, a bay window, two kitchens, a huge bathroom with built in cabinets galore, and a double sized lot PERFECT for a huge garden. It had a slight structural problem, the woman would not come down in price, so we found another home. BUT I still get to visit it now and then, and they have done a beautiful job doing the work that it needed.

The photograph above was taken by Zoksang, who graciously allowed me to post it on my blog. He is a photographer and owner of VISIONS OF TIBET I believe he is one of the main photographers of the Dalai Lama, and this photograph is available from his website (link I just provided) for 15.00. He has printed it on quality paper, and it is signed. All profits go to Students for a Free Tibet Kathryn and Zoksang have lovely items in their online shop; they just had to close down their store in NYC which they had for nearly 20 years, but the building sold, and they are now trying to sell online and find another store in NY.

I will be proud to display this photograph in my meditation room, a place where I focus on healing, love, peace, and hope, for the world, this country, and for my own little family. And the proceeds are going for a good cause.

Tibet was invaded by China in 49/50. Since that time, over 1.2 million have died as a result of the occupation, 6.000 monasteries destroyed, 1000's tortured by their political or religious beliefs. The Dalai Lama had to go into exile in India, and was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for non-violence in 1989. (info from Students From a Free Tibet site) There are many grassroots organizations and groups that are attempting to bring this to light, and force world governments to take action against China for their violation of human rights and end their occupation of Tibet.

I try and buy American made as much as possible, or Fair Trade goods, and avoid products made by China, or stores that promote goods made in China, which is sadly most stores in America, especially the dollar stores and Walmart type stores. The American economy and workers need to be employed and supported, so by boycotting Chinese goods (there are probably Chinese parts in my computer) at least I am doing my share to help the economy in my own country, and I will do my port in supporting legislation to enforce basic human rights for ALL.

Off to find a frame so that I can place it on my small table with the candle and my book on meditation.

Patti O Peace.


Just gorgeous! I love it. Such a photo of good vibes!
annie kelleher said…
what a great photo! i had a free tibet sticker on my car that my kids peeled off one day to be bratty... the very next day another one came in the mail. they accused me of doing it on purpose!!!
Judy Vars said…
WoW what an amazing photograph

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