It's all so WTF

I had a melt down today during lunch. Actually I don't get lunch anymore these days. It is filled with meetings on student issues, or planning, or prepping, or ordering.Today for the umpteenth day in a row I did not get a true lunch, and was in a meeting with a co-worker. I get a knock on my locked door. I won't stop my meeting to get up and ask the student what they want. To use my little mirror the girl says. I tell her not now, I am in a meeting. BITCH she mumbles as she walks away. Then I have boys who come to ask why I gave them detention for lunch. They tell me I can't do that, and I tell them that indeed I can, and they need to be responsible for their behaviors. They start yelling at me and won't leave my room. I begin to feel harassed, and call someone to come to my aid. They finally leave, cursing me out all the way down the hall. I feel that I can no longer take this. I wonder if I am working in a psychiatric hospital instead of a public school.

Ten more years? I start to cry. But I shake it off, and decide to eat a bag of potato chips instead.

I work and hour and a half past my paid day - again, then head home. It is damp and cold, not even nice enough to open up the sunroof.

On the way home, a headache drops over me like a heavy veil. I start to not feel well. While in the bank, I get sharp pains in my abdomen. NO, I think, it can't be, not yet.

I get home. Oh yes it is. A week after I put my box of Tampax back into the closet, it is back. A grand total of 13 days after the start of my last period. OH NO I think, and cry again. The only hope that keeps me from having an all out bawling session is that perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, my body will allow me to be period free for the 8 days I will be away.

My desktop is on its way out. I am now using my fairly well maintained and minimally used laptop. It is 2 years old, but has been babied. It is almost like new. I try to go on facebook to do some interaction over computer and photo/art stuff and I get a blank screen. Another WTF. I try on Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla and it is somewhat better. The I Mac is looking better and better.

Well, off to put the heating pad on my belly, and try to get a good night sleep.
I pray I can get through the last day OK, knowing how I am going to feel tomorrow..and it ain't pretty folks.

Patti O WTF

This is my day.


loelbarr said…
You poor dear...what a day! WTF indeed. Just keep thinking SPAIN and IMAC!

Andrea said…
Have fun in Spain, PattiCakes! You deserve it!
Jennie said…
Oh my heaven! I do feel for you so much Patti! I'm not sure which is worse, periods or kids of today! They both are painful, typically cause violent mood swings and just plain annoying! AUGHHHHH

Not that your asking but I'm just thrilled with "Yasmin". It's a birth control pill that I take non-stop, every day of the year. I haven't had a period, cramps or any side-effects in close to 5 years. I still fake PMS sometimes just to keep my beau on his toes!

Take care of yourself and just relax today!

Woodstock said…
feel better


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