Today my Notes from the Universe hinted at financial prosperity for me. Money coming in from somewhere to make all my dreams come true. A hidden bank account? NO. A will left by a relative? Not likely since each time someone dies in my family it costs ME money.

Do I need money, like most of us? Money for the major bathroom repairs, money for the new computer to replace this dying one. How about blacktop for the driveway, or for the house I am booking with a friend for a week in Cape Cod, something I have never done with my husband and feel I MUST do in our "golden" years?

I came home, with baited breath. Perhaps my ex actually filed his income tax returns from the past few years and I have gotten the money? Perhaps I got a nice large chunk of my 30,000+ in back support that he owes me? (PS I told the agency I would waive the interest on it for the past 20 years, just give me the money!) Maybe, just maybe?

What, a check in the mail?

But when I saw the check for 75.00, it was from my dental company, giving me my own money back. Guess that's better than the proverbial poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and it will feed me for several days in Valencia if I eat fruit, cheese, bread and some wine, and get me into a museum or two.

In therapy last week, I was a bit nervous about having booked this flight to Spain. It was done with the money that I saved from dribs and drabs of back support I had gotten. Blood money I call it. Money that I don't put into the household. Money that I use to visit my daughter, and money that I used for the down payment on the car that I tortured myself over. Money slowly coming back to me after raising my kids on mostly my own sweat and hard work for 15+ years. Then why the guilt? Really, if I lose my job, or Larry loses his job, will the money I spend on this trip, really make a difference? Why can't I relax about it?

Peg looked at me and said, look, you give everyone else your money, why can't you spend some on yourself. In the end, the money you spend on yourself doesn't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Guilt serves no purpose".

So with this attitude, I still am positive about having enough to do the things that I need and want to do. I still believe in the law of attraction, and that I will always have enough for it all. So far, it hasn't proved me wrong.

Patti O Prosperity

PS this 5 x7" or so 100+ year old print is only 5.00 on Etsy ... ID Catskillpaper!


annie kelleher said…
its not money that matters, its the fun it buys that counts. go have some -you more than deserve it.
Jennie said…
Reward yourself for all that you do; the time you spend on yourself will just better equip you for tomorrow's challenges. A rested heart and soul is priceless.

This time away, this is your fortune; never feel guilty for loving yourself.

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Patti Gibbons said…
So beautifully said my friends. xp

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