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The dog story goes on. For a while things were better. After a few trips over there at 2 am, and phone calls once we got their number, in the middle of the night, and the dog was kept relatively quiet. Guess they did not like THEIR sleep disturbed.

But spring is here, the snow banks have melted. The dog is let loose, it is easy for him to walk right over into our yard to bark under my window (picture BIG DOG bark) and leaves the proverbial big dog dump in the yard and garden.

Calls to the dog warden result in rote responses. We'll send another letter. Well duh, letters don't work, they didn't before. OK well then you can take them to court. OH RIGHT- SO BECAUSE THEY BREAK THE LAW AND ARE TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL I HAVE TO TAKE ONE OF MY FEW PERSONAL DAYS TO TAKE THEM TO COURT TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. Take a few photos he said. I AM GOING TO TAKE THEM OF YOU COVERED IN THE DOG'S SHIT I think. Useless.

I can only hope that they won't renew their lease, and think about all the ways I can make them miserable. To start, the dog shit on the lawn will be deposited on their back porch in front of their side door. They seem to be pretty dumb, so they can stop and wonder how it got there when the dog is inside the house.

I am visualizing enough money for a 5' high fence between the properties, which will suck for the owner of the house (who is not living there and renting it..) because then his driveway and house will be boxed in by a high fence. Till then, I am going to get chicken wire, staple it all along the rustic fence that he put up on OUR property, plant morning glories on it, or sweet peas, to keep the dog from wandering over in that section.

I am a pet owner, and a loving, responsible pet owner. When I dog sit I take the dogs on a nice long walk and bring my plastic baggies. My cats don't go out because I don't want them hurt, get fleas, eat things that would harm them, or be annoying to others. I just don't get some people. Stupid ignorant obnoxious dumb asses. My Buddhist ideaology and love and peace have gone out of the window.

Thanks for letting me rant. This is going to END!

Patti O Revenge


annie kelleher said…
wow... what a nuisance! what thoughtless idiots! buddy says he's so glad he's not their dog~! :)
Anonymous said…
I have been there and done that whole routine with the rotten neighbors whose dog crapped on our lawn every single day for a few years. We tried talking, pleading and finally realized that court was the one and only way for it to end. There we were looking at one another in a court of law over dog shit. Amazing. It sucks and taking the day off of work stinks but the dog crap ended. The neighbors now know we mean business and will see them in court again if it reoccurs. Unfortunately some people are stupid and have to learn the hard way. Our neighbor was found guilty, fined and placed on probation for one year. Court is a very good thing for stupid, selfish, A-holes. Do it, you won't regret it.

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