Hey It's Good to be Back Home

The 10 mile ride up Route 28 to Woodstock was lovely, even though it was 24 degrees, and I was imagining what it would be like to drive with the top down again.

I pulled into my favorite parking lot, behind the florist shop and clothing store that I worked at 25 years ago. Some of the stores are comfortingly the same, others change location, or color and names.

I flashed back to my teenage years growing up and partying that that town. You could spot me, the tall skinny chick with the long red hair, wearing rose colored glasses, and a straw hat from Jeans Hats and Artifacts, prancing about with my friends. At night time I frequented Rosa's Cantina where I kissed one of my first men there, who ended up later on being the infamous mayor. Then there was the time I made out with two brothers at the same time as they dropped me off at my friend's house, much to her horror. I knew I was destined for hell then.

I experienced the disco of the 70's with Disco Linda at the Joyous Lake, who is one of the Woodstock legends from that era. The 80's was the age of Deanie's, where the lawyers, artists,lawyers and "beautiful people" went to have dinner and do some pretty heavy drinking.

Then came the drunk driving laws, and that all stopped.

We were so carefree and foolish during those times, and most of us made it out intact, though I suspect some lost their brain cells along the way, if not more.

As I got older I made a pact with myself to never date anyone in town as it was an incestuous small town. I broke my pact once, OK, twice, and as a result got my heart quite smashed. I would still keep that pact today - if I were single.

I was thinking of that John Denver song..Hey it's good to be back home again" as I walked into the Woodstock Art Association (and now added Museum onto the end of the WAA to make it WAAM) to drop off art for 2 juried shows. The volunteers at WAAM were lovely, and they all seemed to be retired teachers. "Wow" I said to them, "there IS life after teaching!" and they just grinned. So we will see what happens with this show and this set of jurors. I'll let you know if there is an opening to attend. There is so much more "art" in Woodstock than my city, thus the brave decision to spend and travel more to get my art into the public eye. If nothing else, I am putting it out there. You can't win if you don't play the game even IF the stakes are higher and the players better. (I like a good challenge)

Photos of Jaritas Florist, close up and from a distance, where I worked when I was pregnant with one of my two kids, and in the store next to it when it was Laughing Bear. The parking lot is tucked back through the alley way to the left of the store. At this time of year, you can still get a good spot.

Till the next report

Patti O Woodstocker


Judy Vars said…
Ahh Woodstock what an interesting place to be from.
I like what you said "You can't win if you don't play the game even IF the stakes are higher and the players better."
I love this trip down wild Patti O's memory lane! Ever the l'artiste...even as a younger version...!
loelbarr said…
Did you ever wonder why Jarita gets her very own personal florist?
Padriac said…
But isn't it a shame that there is no common eating place in town, a diner, something, so the different types can mix: artists and writers, weekenders and carpenters, young people and old and whomever. I like Bread Alone, for lunch, but it's not quite the all-purpose place we need in Woodstock.

Patti Gibbons said…
Peter; I did not think about that. I remember when there was the Diner. I think one can make any place in town where like minds can meet, but many places cost more than many can afford. How about Magic Meadow, or is that gone too, lol. (as I sit thinking about this...) patti

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