Shits and Giggles

Shit by any other name is still shit. And whether it is old or new, it is still shit. Same shit, just a different day.

Yesterday we scooped many different days of shit in the yard left as a present to us from the now famous dog-next-door and strategically placed it where the neighbor pulls up in the driveway. I watched the kids who live in the house walk past it several times. Mom has been in and out of the house several times and so far, it hasn't moved. It smells pretty bad, it is near their side door, and definitely in a danger zone for getting in and out of cars. There are even shovels by their side door. And still the shit sits, festering, and by now quite waterlogged from the rain.

I am not sure how people think anymore. I am stymied. If I had a pile of my dog's shit left for me in my driveway by the entrance to my house, I would be embarrassed, and quickly dispose of it, or I might even be mad that the neighbors did that, but to leave it there? WTF. These people run a local eating establishment. Aside from our dog and noise issues w/them, something tells me that I don't want to eat there.

But onto more fun things.

Last night I went to Crazy Hat Bingo, a benefit for the High Falls Civic Association, where you BYOB, eat, drink, and play bingo. There is a parade and a contest on the best/craziest/loveliest etc. of hats, and fabulous prizes.

I did not have much time to be highly creative, but did take the hat Megan left behind and decorated with bird wings that I have been saving for years, never knowing quite what to do with them. PERFECT for the hat event. I also had three small very realistic black birds to adorn the brim. Collette decorated her hat with all the tools of the bartender trade, and the cork screw came in handy! Larry wore his top hat, and Karen and Phill donned hats they had too.

Many of us won prizes. We won a gift certificate to a lovely local supermarket, three bottles of wine, and a lovely hand marbled paper appointment book made by the fabulous Val Wells. Her website isn't up yet, otherwise I would post the link to her!Karen and Phill won a day at Mohonk, complete with meals. If you are a local, and love some zany wholesome community building fun, then join us next time! You WON'T be disappointed!

Off to deal with tons of things today that I must do before taking off next weekend.I feel a bit under pressure to get it all done in time, and I must make a list and prioritize. I feel very scattered.....

Patti O Party Hat!


Tee really don't take any SHIT! =) (bad pun?)

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