Olana Sunset

This painting, again not quite finished, is of a fabulous sunset at Olana, full of dark blues, greys and glowing oranges. Very difficult to pull off, at least for me, and I am going to get out my Hudson River Painting books and look at how they did it.

I don't aspire to paint like Church or Cole (though if I did I would be one hell of a talented girl...) as I want to find my OWN voice in my landscape work, but there is much to be learned from others, so I will study. And in order to get it right, I know I have to paint paint paint. Problem is, I need another life to do this if I work full time.

So instead of writing tonight, I am going to get a few pieces together for another show submission, I will keep on trucking until I get SOMETHING INTO A SHOW. I might fall a few steps back, but I will never give up the climb.

Patti O Painter


annie kelleher said…
wow... thats great!!!! i love the painting!
I think its gorgeous! I am amazed at how people blend colors together to create effect....you've done very well! And good for you to just keep on plugging - someone will say yes.
Judy Vars said…
That painting is so georgeous and moody, and I love your outlook!

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