Ecstasy Girl

Most of my day was spent driving around doing chores, one of which was wash the salt off the car. Since it was 64 degrees out (and still lots of snow on the ground around here, much of it very dirty and unrecognizable as snow along the roadsides) I put the top down, thus tonight's self portraits, with moi, looking very Joni-like.

After all my running around, I came home to finish up some framing, so that I could drop off 2 pieces at the Varga Gallery, and then head to the opening at WAAM.

What should have been an easy project turned into a nightmare as I split the frame on one of the two pieces, even though I had pilot holes for my screw eye. "#$@$%@-OLA" I cursed, and had to decide which piece was going to be the stand in for my Water Witch. I grabbed Ecstasy Girl, one of my rare assemblages.

Like much of my work, it is autobiographical. A vintage found Jesus holds a double-entendre vintage toy hoe, while Ms. Ecstasy sports a silver spoon glistening with some unknown substance. The figure on the right is Mr. Hornito, replete with pitchfork and grin. I leave it to you to fill in the blanks.

Had a wonderful time socializing, networking, and looking at art. Tomorrow is a full day of painting in the studio, mixed up a bit with taxes and some house cleaning, oh, and throw in some yoga too.

Patti O Spring Party


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