Snap, Crackle and POP

I feel like I am short circuiting, and know that pressure has given me a fever blister type thing on my lip, made me less patient than usual. My throat is feeling sore, and I am hoping that it is allergies, and not my getting sick. I have travel phobias, and they are like little demons running around in my mind. There are too many things to do in such a short amount of time; the pressure of packing, of having to have my difficult taxes finished with a visit to the accountant at 4 pm the day before I leave.

I have had the week complicated with medical issues, such as the call from my doc about the necessity of scheduling a hysteroscopy and I heard the word hysterectomy thrown in there. I told her I will deal with it when I get back. Then there was the message on the machine from the other docs office wanting to discuss my endoscopy and biopsy results. I am hoping that it will be nothing more than "take this pill" or "change your diet". I have medical phobias and my recent issues put me on edge.

There is art to submit, design jobs to be finished. As of tonight my main computer has officially fried; all I get is a black screen. There are some things which I never got off the hard drive, which might be a problem if I can't recover them. I am on my laptop, which is not hooked up to my scanner or printer. I feel lost.

I really lost it however this afternoon, as I was working in the studio finishing up some cards for a client, when the next door neighbor came home. She goes in the house, opens up the door, and THE big dog comes out, immediately ducking under the fence to pee on all of the exotic grasses, and got ready to take his great big dump.

That was it. The Scorpio devil took hold (oh it is scary when that happens) and I put down my work and marched across the lawn, with the dog snarling and barking at me in my own yard.

BANG BANG BANG goes my fist against the door. The kid looks out and says "THE NEIGHBOR IS HERE", and he knows it isn't because I am bringing over a cake. She opens up the door and I rip into into her. "WHAT DON'T YOU GET" I yell. "FOR A YEAR I HAVE BEEN PATIENT AND NICE AND NOW I AM SO OVER IT. YOU LET YOUR DOG OUT WITHOUT A LEASH, BREAKING THE LAW, AND LET IT PISS AND SHIT ALL OVER EVERYONE ELSE'S YARD. IT KEEPS US UP ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. I HAVE HAD IT, YOU WILL SEE ME IN COURT. IF I WANTED A DOG, I WOULD HAVE MY OWN". And I left her speechless standing in the driveway. As I walked back I saw all the shit that Larry missed and start planning the next move. I don't have time to deal with the dog warden and going to court, but I may just make the time to start the process before I go.

It is not a pretty sight to see me that angry. I have been told that my chin juts out and I look like a turtle as I charge. I dragged W.B. out of his seat on the bus in high school, and pummeled him till he begged for mercy. Then B.M. bothered me one time too many and my hand had a life of its own and I left him bleeding profusely down his plaid flannel shirt. I ripped the skirt off a girl too, leaving her standing in the aisle with only her stockings on. No one after that messed with Patti Gibbons.

For the most part I have it under control...but when I get pushed to the edge, watch out. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

Off to bed as my battery is getting low. As I am getting ready to turn this off, at 10:15 at night, I hear the dog barking outside my window. Good thing I am in bed.


photo of the tulips I bought - a great deal at 5.99, for a pot full of 12+ potted tulips that are lasting forever!


Melissa Harris said…
Oh Patti. So sorry about that dog. I would really be losing it!!! I too have been under too much pressure and came up with a mother of a fever blister on my lower lip while at my event in DC. Lovely. I really hope your trip is GREAT. when do you leave? I took trains in Spain many years ago and around the area but things have changed alot I imagine.

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