The Dream

I woke up agitated and inspired at the same time.

I have many vivid dreams, and if I had a clone of me I would journal them. They have been fabulous fodder for interpretation and art. But alas, there is not enough time in the day as it is, so I have to forgo that.

But this morning's dream stuck in my mind. It was inspirational at the very least.

I was back in grad school, and was in a drama/literature class. The professor was a man, about my age, and an angry demeaning man who for some reason, did not like me.After reading a paper I handed in, he gave me a failing grade, and told me that I was failing the class. I was in shock, and said "I was only out once and missed one assignment that I will do!" He laughed and snickered something about my being worthless in the class.

The class had to do an acting piece, whether as a group or as an individual. I watched part of the group do a performance which blew my mind. I had decided to quit and not do it since he was failing me anyway.

Then Ida (a sweet woman from one of my past lives) came up to me and said, "don't do it for him, do it for US. WE will benefit from whatever you do".

The ending? A def poetry rap about my struggle, being a phoenix rising from the ashes, whose resurrection cannot be stopped, not even by a misogynist angry man.

No rocket science needed for this interpretation. The professor was my father, and in the end I triumphed over his feelings of my being worthless and inferior.

It will make for an interesting collage, and I wonder if I should write the poem.

Clone, wherefore art thou?

The image is from an antique print. I wouldn't mess with her!

Patti O Student


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