Quick Movie Review

Let the Right One In is a Swedish vampire movie that is in its last few nights of showing at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck.

Lois and Susan met me at the theater. After the first few moments of the movie I wondered if I should have recommended this to them. Susan disappeared within minutes, and Lois's face was intense. (turns out Susan had to move as she could not read the subtitles through people's heads in front of us)

It was VERY well done if you like that genre of film.

I have been fascinated with vampires since I was a young adult and read Dracula and Salem's Lot. I have seen many vampire movies and enjoy each director's take on this macabre and horror genre.

This was filmed in the Swedish tradition, and I can only think of the austere settings of Bergmann films. Though filmed in color, it could have easily been filmed in black and white. Most of the film is set in an endlessly snowy dark depressing apartment complex, where lonely 12 year old bullied boy meets lonely 12 year old vampire girl. What happens in between is psychological horror.

The sub plot was about bullies, and being that I work in a school with similar problems, and was a victim of bullying, I cheered for the underdog. (so hard to write a review without giving anything away)

And I have to add, after a long winter of snow, I decided I will only visit Sweden in the summertime.

I give this a two thumbs up, and if you like suspense, horror, and artistic films, this is the one for you.

Patti O Vampire


annie kelleher said…
wow this sounds like a good rental!!! i have no idea where they'd show a swedish vampire film around here... and a 12 year old girl vampire.. ewwwww... funny... i always liked vampires too... and i was bullied... horrible experience... (shudder)
loelbarr said…
So glad you liked it! I hadn't realized it, but I also responded to the bullying...I was badly bullied as the only Protestant kid in a Catholic neighborhood, and it colored my life.

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