A Day Without Meditation (aka Medication)

I woke this morning LATE. The alarm went off at 6 AM, usual time, but because I run on an internal clock, and get up according to the light, I fell back into a solid sleep for another hour.

Thus, no meditation, no quiet time to set intentions other than moving my ass F A S T.

Of course, I stayed up till midnight to watch D.L. Hughley on CNN who had on Frank Schaeffer, who wrote Crazy for God. Once a member of the Christian Right, it is interesting to hear what he has to say.

He certainly rips the Christian Right and Republicans a new one, doesn't he? He was a little bit intense, and I wondered if he had too much coffee. I will however, check out his book. It will counterbalance the fact that I have to order a book for my aunts on Amazon by Mark Levin, titled "Liberty and Tyranny, a Conservative Manifesto". YIKES. I will have to do a lot of meditation after I follow through on that.

After hours of doing reports for taxes, and then having a few friends over for a brick of brie and bottle of wine, I am ready for bed. I enjoy quiet gatherings on a Monday night as it stretches out the weekend one more day, and lets me be in denial that the work week is here. But now I have to be good for the rest of the week as I am throwing a Friday the 13Th girl party, something that I don't often do, and have lots of cleaning, planning, and cooking to do before then!

Patti O Monday Night Party


annie kelleher said…
friday the 13th girl party!!!! wow i want to throw one of those!!!!

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