When Black is Better than White

I am dragging a bit from the party I had last night for the girls. I had to limit to 15 friends, as my house is not that big, nor do I have enough chairs for any more. As it was Collette bought over a few folding chairs, which I may hijack forever as they were the ONLY chairs in my house that did not wiggle, squeak, or did I have to worry about old joints coming unglued and dumping my friends on the floor. (some of my blog readers remember such a story....)

I felt badly that I could not invite ALL my friends and neighbors over, but I have decided to hold a few different parties so that I don't leave out anyone.

We did have a blast, and today's photo is the shadowy essences of a few of my friends dancing to the beat of 90's house dance band...Deee-Lite. We had unbelievable food from the best caviar served on top of little mini pancakes with Crème fraîche, baked clam dip, orzo salad, bean salad, coleslaw and a variety of finger foods. No one left hungry and the drink of the night featured 44 North, which is a huckleberry Vodka from Idaho (made from potatoes of course)mixed with seltzer, pomegranate and lime juice. At the end of the night a bit was left in the bottle, and I sipped on it plain.

Today I am tired, have awful cramps (thank you universe for waiting a day) and have to rest before tonight's opening at Varga's in Woodstock. Debuting my Planetary Pinch, and only the second showing of Ecstasy Girl.

Oh, and after reading about how much energy a google search takes up (enough to boil a cup of water) I am switching to blackle.com, which is a subsidiary of Google which uses a black screen instead of a white screen. In fact, I have to switch my home page to that as it will also save energy each time I open my browser. Seems that black screens take up less energy than white ones, and though there is some debate as to the amount, even if minuscule, it adds up, and we are doing something to conserve energy. Same goes for TURNING OFF THE WATER WHEN YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH, and not flushing after just a pee.

My green suggestions for the day, off to nap dear friends!

Patti O Napster


annie kelleher said…
LOL you made me spit coffee on my keyboard on that last paragraph!!!! your party sounds lovely!!! so glad you hear you had fun :)... xoxox... annie

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