I did indeed book a flight to Madrid with final destination Valencia for spring break. I have gone to Florida, New Orleans, and California for spring break over the past several years, but you can't get better than this. Europe? I am still in shock. For 560.00 which includes 60.00 for the insurance, I got a round trip ticket from JFK to Madrid. From there we will take the train to Valencia, about a 2-3 hour trip.

Moi? Who doesn't like to fly, gets nervous on trips? Who feels guilty when I spend money on myself yet gives generously to others? Another great challenge in my life, another phobia to overcome, yet another adventure?! I keep challenging myself, and through all of it I grow.

I am going with my friend Annie, a bubbly, adorable 28 year old. We are going to visit our co-worker who took a year sabbatical after her divorce to go live in Spain and teach English as a second language. Fortunately Annie speaks a bit of Spanish, as I speak German and can only curse in Spanish and say please, thank you, and bathroom.

Someone on Facebook wrote how they envied how people have the freedom to travel the world. I don't know if it was in response to my "announcement", but my response is "things are not what they appear".

I worked hard to get a job where I had breaks such as this. It is funded by blood money...the little bits and pieces of the $35,000.00 of back Child Support I get from my ex when he is working. I busted my ASS to raise my kids, educate myself, and stay in a job for 17 years with no or little support from him. I earned this vacation, every stinkin' moment, and every single cent of the money I am using to pay for it. Nothing in my life has come easy, perhaps that is why I am so grateful for every second, every tangible item in my life and then some. And, if I had little, I would STILL be happy, because I have been there too. I don't measure my life by material goods, but I do enjoy every spec of what I have.

Enough of the diatribe. I am excited, and I will get over my fears and guilt and go and have fun.

And make art and write of course.


Patti O Adventurer


Melissa Harris said…
You go girl!!!!!!!Drink and breathe in every moment of it. YOu will have a blast and enjoy so much another culture. Hooray! YOU DESERVE IT.
Patti. You will love it here, the architecture, the food, the museo de ceramica... tiles, columns, more food and wine. I can't wait to share with you and Annie! You deserve it girl!
Patti Gibbons said…

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