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I just came down from putting on my outfit for the evening, one from a Victoria's Secret catalog. I bet what comes to your mind is something sexy, with my breasts and ass hanging out looking totally f-able in any direction. At 51 it is no longer possible to look like those models without doing LOTS of touch up in Photoshop. I have stopped buying such things which look totally ridiculous on me, unless I am in the dimmest of candlelight and we have both imbibed on copious amounts of alcohol and then there are no boundaries, and with any luck neither ones remembers anything in the morning.

However, I like to think of myself as nefarious in my plum velour yoga pants, with a bachelor-button blue sweater that shows only as much cleavage as I allow, or as exists depending upon which miracle bra I am wearing.

While I am writing I my feet are being massaged by my heated Homedics foot machine that Larry got me for my birthday, to work out the kinks of the day. I am sipping on my Peter Gillman's Natural Vitality Calm tea, an "anti-stress drink which balances your calcium intake and restores healthy magnesium levels" which is a fancy way of saying WORKS GREAT AS A LAXATIVE. At 22.00 a container, it costs much more than the Milk of Magnesia that my gastroenterologist suggested, but instead of tasting like liquid chalk, this is like drinking a hot fuzzy mug of Lemon Up.

I remember first taking this when I was visiting a friend in Sausalito. I had been constipated for days, as I tend to get when traveling, and the night before I left she suggested I try some. I found it tasty, and palatable, and swallowed down a mug full.

What she did not let me do is read the label which states: "some people might have to start with 1/2 tsp and work gradually work their way up (to 3 tsps.) She had been taking this for a while, so she made me a cup based upon HER dosage.

Well, let me tell you. I sat on the toilet right until the car service came to take me to the airport. It worked REAL WELL.

I am still on a tsp at night, but it works miracles. I can't wait till spring, when my diet changes to munching on my daily diet of fresh picked lettuce and herbs from the garden and the CALM can go back in the cupboard.

Oh and I can't title this blog with the title it has without giving you the song...

Tonight's photo is of a print which is one of several that I have posted on eBay. I am a bit worried about some of my business bills, so I am pulling rabbits out of hats to try and raise some money. I have a clientele that buys these, and hopefully they still have a bit of money left that they are willing to part with.

Here's to wine and roses, and to looking good in whatever you are wearing!

Patti O Mover


Anonymous said…
hmmm, I read this when I got out of my shower in my black satin robe, with fleece lining from VS, a luxury Phill bought me one xmas. We should always remember to treat ourselves well. KiSS
Melissa Harris said…
Hey there. LOVE it that you put the video in. how did you do it???

i did not do the slide show yet. not enuff enrollment. but will do soon.

Woodstock said…
A) Someone may have an embedded video addiction...


B) It's not always what you show. Everyone likes unwrapping gifts and velor is hot...figuratively and literally.


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