Living for Vacation

Sometimes I think I work in a psychiatric hospital, not a school. This has been one of the most difficult years ever, mainly because we have students who are classified, or recently declassified (to save money I bet) who are enrolled as regular ed students many of which really need to be in special ed due to their extreme emotional needs.

It takes its toll on us, and this time of year has been bearish. But I am living for vacation, first in Spain, then a trip to Kentucky to help Megan and see the babies, then I am hoping to book the house/property shown here in Wellfleet Mass, on the Cape near Truro/Provincetown.

Larry and I have never gone away with another couple and two teens and a dog, but the house seems large enough, we will have the downstairs bedroom and sunroom, while they have the two bedroom suite upstairs. It is a lovely property that runs to a tidal creek that we can canoe/kayak in, it is close to the bike trail, and if we feel industrious, there is a 1.5 mile path to the beach. It has wireless, we have friends in Orleans, and there is PLENTY to do rain OR shine.

Knowing I have adventures ahead has kept me fairly calm in the midst of the storms as does meditation, walks after school, a little bit of shopping, and my art and writing. And soon, it will be warm enough to go for rides in the afternoon with the top down and do some plein air painting.

Here's to adventure, spring, and peace in life.

Patti O


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