I'm IN!

I got into the WAAM show for the month. I am thrilled.

This weekend I have to have two pieces ready for the Varga gallery; it is hard to believe that it is time for another show there, and I have the opening at the WAAM to attend on Saturday.

I have made a commitment to making art for two galleries each month, and even though I don't count on selling it (who is selling now anyway?) what counts is that I am showing it. Woodstock is such a great historic art town - I am proud to be back and active.

I suspect that I will gradually be phasing out my cards and other decorative arts except for designing for my client, and perhaps for a shop or two, and the couple of shows I do a year. I am passionate about my fine art, and I am ready to put my other arts aside to delve deep into what is most passionate to me. I suspect in a while I will be selling off or donating to school the myriad of art/craft supplies I have collected over the years in order to focus on my fine art. Plus, I need the room!

Art work tonight is the piece that they accepted. You cannot get the essence of it by the photo/scan, you must see the painting in person. It is acrylic on wood panel, 8 x 10".

Patti O Art!


annie kelleher said…
that is wonderful!!! congrats to you!!! im so thrilled for you!!!
loelbarr said…
Beautiful, girlfriend! I'm enjoying watching your painting progress...you are really becoming a master of a medium that was challenging to you not so long ago. I hope to have a glass of wine with you at the opening!

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