The Diagnosis

At just after 9 am I called the doctor's office. The nurse says some test that I had was negative, (did not even know what it was) and that the biopsies turned up colitis.

Blech. But, better than some other options, like a cancerous tumor. I must make it my focus to get well again and put this into remission.

In doing my obsessive research, I learned that I might have this the rest of my life. Causes: a whacked autoimmune system, or poor circulation in the colon ( phleboliths and colitis have any connection?)OR bacteria/parasites. I was tested for the last, but I KNOW that they did not test for ALL of the bacteria/parasites on my last sample. They test for the top 20, and that is it. So in my head I still have not ruled out the possibility of having picked up something in my travels, whether it be in Spain or the ole US of A. Just something a little more exotic than the top 20. Blood circulation in my abdomen? I know that lower extremity circulation is not that great in some of the older folks in the family, but in the abdomen??? And my autoimmune system. Well, that throws me a curve ball.

I am going blame this ALL ON MY HORMONES! They have been the BANE of my life for the past several years, they are the cause!!!

So the doc sees me in two weeks. Says I can eat anything. I beg to differ. Even while living on juices, rice, soy yogurt, some tuna, and bananas in little amounts all day can make me sick, so the thought of a bottle of wine, a fat steak or chicken with potatoes and veggies, followed by a piece of cheesecake and a coffee is enough to give me a panic attack.

So, for the next few weeks, I am to take Pepto Bismal three times a day.

Again, I did my research on treatments for colitis, some of which include some pretty heavy duty drugs like steroids, and came across an article about Peptol Bismol being the best kept secret in the medical field for helping with colitis.

Well hot damn. Maybe this petite beautiful doctor from Saudia Arabia is letting me in on The Secret.

And, speaking of THE SECRET, the only thing I am envisioning and wishing for abundance for is good health. F-that nice necklace at Schneiders. Funny how things change one's perspective FAST.

But I did treat myself today with a haircut from Lois, and a few Aveda products. I am also having an ephemera fix with the box that I bought online, waiting for the day that I will get back into the studio to design. In the meantime I am reading about other artists and techniques. And resting.

Patti O Healer

ps...this was one of the cards that I got and used as an "advertisement" for my blog...might stick that on facebook cause I don't want to post this all there!! ACK!


Judy Vars said…
I'm glad you finally have some answers and it's not the worst case senario it sounds like something you could have picked up in your travels. Revovery might be a little slow but I'm pretty sure you will get 100 % better.
annie kelleher said…
i strongly urge you to keep pushing on the parasite front - my mother picked up something in SPAIN and it was undiagnosed for months!!! made her terribly sick and she had all the same tests as you... hope you feel better very soon and i am SO HAPPY to hear its not anything AWFUL!!
Andrea said…
Glad you have your diagnosis, and I hope you start feeling better. Sending you a virtual industrial-sized bottle of Pepto!
Anonymous said…
Buttsex cures colitis....acne, warts, flu, shingles,nail fungus....

Glad it was "just" colitis,
Happy you are on the road to recovery.
fondly, Nancy
loelbarr said…
Well, whew and damn. And did I not mention COLITIS to you a couple of weeks ago?

annie o'diagnostician
Chaska said…
O.K....I don't know your exact symptoms, but I want to share my story with you in case it helps you.
For two years, doctors insisted that there was nothing wrong...and, that I had colitis due to stress. Two years of utter misery later, I stumbled on an acupuncturist who gave me a testing kit which then was sent to a lab in W. Virginia. Yes, I had a bacteria which when treated with the correct antibiotic took care of all my symptoms.

Patti, you should also be tested for gluten intolerance. Again, it's going to take a DO or such. M.D.s are myopic.

Colitis is not a diagnosis. Colitis simply describes a set of symptoms.

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