Notes from the Healing Chair

Since I don't have the stamina to work on my new painting, I spent a few moments wandering the yard and taking a few photos of various parts of my back gardens, working on them in Photoshop. It soothed my need to make art, and centered me for a while, as I have been pretty depressed about being sick.

One thing I discovered a LONG TIME AGO about the health care system, is you have to be your own advocate and bug the doctor. Last night after chicken broth and a small piece of grilled salmon, I became violently ill for 5 1/2 hours. It is wearing me out.

I called the gastroenterologist's office, saying "at what point do I check into a hospital?" I may have been over dramatic, but I was in so much pain and constantly in the bathroom that I thought there must be something that will help me till I get the results back. Sure enough, there are a few drugs to stop the spasms and the trots...that are not available over the counter. "We will call you as soon as the results are in" the nurse says. Which for me at this point, isn't soon enough.

So I have eaten 1/2 a banana today, and just tried 1/2 cup of brown rice about an hour ago. Trying to get in some water, and am ready for something to get rid of the persistent headache that is plaguing me.

I am going to nap. I did very little today....but that is what healing is about.
And I am grateful for my local and virtual friends who send me words of encouragement to keep me going. You all ROCK.

Patti O Napster

PS. The healing chair is a wicker chair and ottoman with 2 beautiful silk cushions that my girlfriend Lois bought for me to recover on when I broke my ankle and was an invalid for the summer. It has love and healing imbued in it. Its place of honor is on my screened in back porch.


Judy Vars said…
Dear Patti,
Are you getting better?
I sure hope so, sorry it's so bad, I'll send you some healing energy.
Judy Vars said…
p.s. those are beautiful pictures
annie kelleher said…
those are beautiful pics... i will light a candle for you on my altar and ask kuan yin, mother mary and all the angels to be with you especially!
Ross said…
Hang in there hon, if you need anythibh let me know. Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you feel better soon. Make them give you something.

loelbarr said…
gorgeous pix.....hey, can you drink Ensure? Old people juice, but it might give you some nutrition...

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