Today was a S L O W day.

I slept terribly the night before. I could not sleep and had to meditate in bed before I could drift off into a semi-conscious state. Then not long into that state, the $^#^#^ neighbors dog is outside barking at 3 AM. I won't even go into the knock on the door by the neighbor who owns THE DOG the other day right after I had been sick. THAT is for another blog.

It was opening day at the Farmer's Market, so I went uptown to check it out and sit on the stone bench and talk to my friend Jonathan. It was torture as there was nothing that I could eat, and the only thing I bought was some potatoes to boil for a new meal.

I came home and then went to bed for a while. I was exhausted. I think I am still dehydrated. Headaches for a few days, and I am having weird spots/flashes in my vision. I have to get up slowly otherwise I have the spins and feel like I am going to black out. I have been eating bananas for potassium, and putting a bit of salt on my food, and had some honey to supply some sugar in my ginger tea. I hate Pedialite, and Gatorade is not much better.

I am back off to bed, as I am tired. I hope that the tuna I made and ate as a "new" food, sits well in my stomach. Tomorrow I am invited to a few parties, and I will drop by for a little while, carrying my applesauce, brown rice, and banana. Oh, and my water and ginger ale. No partying for this chica!!!!

Patti O



annie kelleher said…
oh my i hope you start feeling like your self really soon!!! xox ... annie

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