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It has been a long weekend. The only trip out of the house was to drop off art work at Varga's in Woodstock, and to buy paint for the bathroom. I was too scared to go far from home, as one the rumbling and grumbling starts in, I have to be close to a bathroom.

I did a lot of research today on my "condition". The last words the doc had for me about my stomach was something to the effect of my gallbladder not working well. They did the endoscopy, gave me meds that are working for now, but now terrible, just terrible things are happening to the other end of the digestive system. They match up with symptoms of a broken gall bladder. And come to think of it, this has been going on for a while now, only the ante keeps getting upped. I learned that you don't need gallstones or even sludge to have a bad gallbladder.

Of course there is a danger in self-diagnosing, but my gut (and it speaks loudly these days) is telling me that might indeed be the case. A PS to all of this, my aunt, grandmother, mother, and daughter have either had their gallbladders out or have confirmed issues with it. And it is hereditary.

So what is the upside to all of this? I spent some time cleaning my back room.(uh no, that is not a code word for what you are thinking) Though still not "clean", I can now see parts of the floor that I have not seen in a long time. I have also started listing more things on eBay and Etsy, and hopefully I will make some money to get my business back on track. Maryann at Beckon called me for more cards, and said that a nice young couple fell in love with my Ashokan painting series. There is hope.

And for a chuckle, I was looking up a few words online. One was the meaning of DORKEL, and I was checking to make sure that I was spelling WARRANTY correctly as that word was not showing up on my spell checks and it was highlighted...and I did find out that warranty is not spelled like guarantee (two e's) What I did get was links to the following on the Urban Dictionary. Imagine my surprise and laughter when I found the terms Dorkel Snorkel, and Extended Warantee. I will let you do the investigation..... as I will get in trouble if I post it here.

Have fun, and will let you know if EVERYTHING gains 10 lbs with a camera.

Patti O Research


annie kelleher said…
oh patti o i hope you get your tummy troubles all resolved soon!!! maybe an end to that pesky gallbladder is in order??
You certainly do manage to keep that sense of humour, no matter how you seem to be feeling! Very inspiring Miss O!

Hoping you are having an even better day today!! (Word verification - CRACK)

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