Last Supper #2

I made a mistake calling last night's dinner "The Last Supper" as I sip on tonight's dinner of clear broth soup from Kyoto.

After drinking 64 oz of 50% Gatorade and 50% water, with a 14 day supply of stool softener chemical thrown in, I am deeply honored by this humble and delicious mug of broth. I have fasted all day, and in four more hours, I will be consuming nothing but air for another 12 hours.

After doing a bit of research online about preparing for this procedure, and interviewing a few people who have undergone it, I came prepared. Tube of Zinc Oxide, baby wipes, several rolls of T.P. placed in each of the two bathrooms. Fortunately I was never far from one of the two bathrooms, so Depends were unnecessary, and my legs walk really fast when they need to. I learned not to wipe, rather blot, or do a little butt munch on the T.P. (TMI?)

Go ahead. You laugh. Wait till it's YOUR turn. Or maybe you already have done this and nod your head in agreement. I bet there are a few of you with your OWN stories about the prep.

My biggest fear right now is that they won't find a vein after all this fasting. They can't find it on a good day, it is harder when there is little left in one's body.

But I will be glad when it is over. I am just glad that I am not the doctor on the other end of the scope who does these for a living, and I hope that SOMETIME SOON I will be fixed. At least I know I will be one step closer. And a heck of a lot cleaner!

Patti O Potty
I managed to fix my scanner/iMac issue... here is a scan of one of my silly collages.)


Ok... As miserable as the entire process is, there is something to be said about the "clean" part. I remember finally understanding what it meant to be squeaky clean. It'll be over soon.

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