Taking it Slow

Underpainting of view of the Hudson from the Rhinecliff Bridge

Last night was a lovely date with Larry.

A ride over to Bard w/top down on a warm spring night, the sun dropping down behind the mountains. Me, shooting like a mad woman holding the camera high to the sky, trying to shoot over the rails of the bridge to capture the caress of light in the sky and on mountains and river as we glide 40 mph over a mile of water in my little silver transport machine.

There was a moment where I felt the pure joy that a dog must feel sticking it's head out the window.

Carmina Burana was splendid at the Fisher Center, a BARGAIN at 5.00 a ticket! It is a wonderful concert hall, a true architectural gem - right here in the Hudson Valley.

So today I had the painting bug and knew it was time to go back to the studio and start my 10,000 hours of painting. I have already put a few thousand in by now I am sure, but if I paint three hours a day for 8 years I will reach my 10,000 hours and I will be a great painter. But at the rate I am going, I hope I live to 100, as I am not moving at 1,000 hours a year yet.

But I laid out the gesso undercoat for an oil painting, primed a small study canvas, and did a pencil sketch on another large canvas. And it felt great. Today I gave up cleaning, gardening (0k put a little bit of time in) and a social life to lock myself up with my imagination and loads of inspiration!

More later as the work progresses.

Patti O Draft


annie kelleher said…
sounds like a wonderful day!! i love the photo - its gorgeous!
Patti Gibbons said…
it is actually the under painting...rather than a photo.
Thank you!

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