Kittens, Saints, and the Clueless....

I have not been much in the mood to write lately. Still sick, I only get reprieve when I take the prescription limodol, and that lasts for about 24 hours. So I am learning to take it if I am going to go out and about, or attempt to go have a meal out with someone. I don't take it while I am teaching as I don't want to become dependent upon it. I am on the "Pepto Dismal" regime that the doc ordered, but my gut suspicion is that I have a parasite or bacteria that was not in the "top 20" for testing, and will have to go through further testing for that.

Thanks to my friends who have written me about this and are encouraging me to follow up on more testing, which I will indeed insist upon. But that June 11 appointment with the gastro doc seems so far away when one is sick.

Enough of that until there are any updates. I am sick of living this life and talking about it.

Pictured here is a little kitten that Colette captured from its feral mother the other day. It is very friendly, even purred for a bit when held, is about 6 weeks old, not sure if male or female. It has a few fleas, so it has been given something for that from the vet's office, and may have worms...that has not been checked yet and we can't tell at this point. He/she IS however looking for a very kind home, and Colette is waiting to capture the other kitten, and then the mother to get her fixed before she is released into the wild again. (unless someone adopts her...) I have to say, Colette is on a mission to take care of these animals, and I am thinking that she should make it part of her legend in this life. There aren't enough people in the world who love and help animals....and those who do reach saint status in my book!

SO, if any of you locals need a sweet kitten, and will give it a kind and loving home, email me and we will talk.

Then there are those who should never have pets, like the neighbors with THE DOG. THE DOG, that every time we approach them they keep saying how they are waiting for him to die, and the reason why he was out for two days barking was that he was throwing up all over the house. "Did you ever think of taking him to the vet or crating him or putting him in one room?" I retort?Between the family of 5 that live there, I don't think there is one entire brain cell amongst them.

Case in point. Yesterday they come home. I could not tell from all of the screaming and yelling that went of for 20 minutes what happened, but if I were to construct a story, I think that THE DOG got an animal that was in the house (wild or domestic, don't know that) and made a mess of it. There must have been blood or something, as the mother was sitting in the car SCREAMING for the kid to get a box, clean it up, and put it outside. They are screaming BAD DOG at THE DOG, and the kid is yelling "if we keep it out here it is going to smell". Let me tell you, I smell anything dead, the health department is going to be called. But the ruckus and screaming and cursing that went on over 20 minutes from this was enough to make me want to move.

I still have not told the story how SHE came over the other day and knocked on my door to give me her last name. I had emailed the landlord one last time about the situation, and that I needed her last name to take her to court. He would not give it to me, but sent her over instead. By now I had already done my detective work and gotten it. She proceeded to use every excuse in the book, and I was not hearing it. I suppose I was a bit formidable, talked to her through the screen door, (I had just been horridly sick as was crawling back to bed when the doorbell rang) and for the second, and hopefully last time, ripped her a new one. She then said "well, I can't help that my kids let him out". I said, well, then you had better tell them to get a job to pay all the fines you will get when you have to keep showing up in court".

Door closed, case shut, and you know, I haven't seen or heard much of the dog.

I do have a nice 15' section of fence that my other neighbor has gifted us with. It will go up on the property line so that we don't have to see them in and out of the house, or sitting on their side porch. I can't stand it any more.

Tomorrow look for the article on introverts. Very insightful, and may explain why Larry and I, though we LOVE our house, could do without a neighborhood.

Hope you are having a delightful day!

Patti O Hermit


annie kelleher said…
aw, patti im a hermit too!!!! hope you feel better soon - my heart aches for that poor animal...
Anonymous said…
I have similar feelings, I love my gardens, pool and the fact that I can walk through my backyard to a trail in the woods, etc. But the neighbors, why are they soooo loud, and drunk, and well, not terrible clever the things they say really loud....., why can't I have someone like you? for a neighbor, p.s., my dog almost never barks. have a great week everyone!!KiSS
Andrea said…
When I was growing up, our nearest neighbor was about 1/2 mile away and I hated living in the country. Now I have neighbors mere feet away, and I hate it. Grass, greener, etc.

My sister is also an animal advocate, but in a different sense. She prosecutes animal abuse and neglect cases. She just got a conviction for felony animal abuse. Go Sis!

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