It's all BUNK

It is too late to write.

I spent an hour with my aunt on the phone, which has wiped me out emotionally. On a good day she is a challenge. On a bad day she is an depleter, save for the fact that I try and make her laugh, cause I don't think anyone else tries to do that.

I am struggling with the negative lab results which mean I have to now have a colonoscopy. Next week. Great. The last great orifice to be explored.

Some think it is my body processing trauma. Some think it is my gallbladder. Some say "lactose intolerance". I say WTF, I just want to be normal again!

I say it's all shit. Plain and simple.

Patti O feces


annie kelleher said…
ew ouch. hang in there!!!! xoxox... annie
Judy Vars said…
Glad you are making someone else laugh. It is all shit!
hang in there.

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