Luggable Loo

Some things are better left unsaid.

Like yesterday's poo sampling.

Let it just be said that it was one of the more disgusting things I have had to deal with, and I have dealt with a lot of shit.

I dropped it off as promised, in a Victoria's Secret bag. I decided against going to Monkey Joe's as even thinking about a double espresso made my guts hurt.

It was not a good day. Spent a lot of the day in the bathroom, with several reprieves before it started up again. I had to take a nap on my desk at lunch, as I have not figured out how to get energy when my body is running on very little nutrition.

I called the doc to make sure they had all of my phone numbers. I asked them how long it would take for the lab results to come back. "Oh, depending upon the tests, a week to 10 days". "WHAT!" I shouted in the phone. "I'll be DEAD by then" I snorted. I don't think the receptionist quite knew what to do with that, and my students all looked up from their own private conversations to wonder what I was talking about. "Can't you have it stat-ed?" I asked. NOPE. It is what it is.

Photo today courtesy of Andrea who gave me a chuckle when I opened up my email this morning. Actually, it is looking like a pretty good idea. I might have to take the Honda though, as I don't think I want to carry it around in the VW.

The good part of the day? Working in the garden for a little bit when the sun came out, and having my friends drop by for a bit in the early evening, with libations to share with me.

Today is Richard's wake, and I have art in two places with the openings this afternoon. I will only make it to one, but if you are local, there is an opening at the WOODSTOCK SCHOOL OF ART from 3-5 where I am showing one of my paintings, (I will go to that one) and then at VARGA'S gallery from 6-8, but I don't think I will make that one. I hope to catch some variation of rice for dinner tonight....maybe the Afghani Restaurant.

Patti O Porta Potty


Judy Vars said…
AKA honey pot, they use these type of loos in the Alaskan bush. Get better soon!

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