The Waiting Game

I called the doc's office as SOON as I got home to pester them about my results. Turns out the biopsies are in, but nurse can't give me results, the doc has to call me. I tell her that I am home ALL AFTERNOON and resting as I am still sick, and if they needed to reach me in the morning to call my cell as I will be at work. So what do they do? Call my cell, which I don't have on when I am home, and don't bother calling the home phone. This is the second time this has happened to me there and it has made me very cranky. Who knows HOW long the results have been in, and how long they would have taken to call me with them if I did not keep on top of it.

As it was, I should have probably gone to the hospital for hydration over the weekend as I suspect I was at a place that was getting a little bit dangerous. Then I run into a friend Monday, who says to me "Patti, I did not want to tell you this till you were better, but recently my friend's mother had a colonoscopy, felt horrid after it like you did, and died!".

Again - and I repeat in case you did not hear me the first time, YOU HAVE TO BE VIGILANT about your medical care. I worked in the medical field, and the squeaky demanding patients get the answers. I don't mean be rude or nasty, but being on top of their every move is extremely important. BELIEVE ME.

Tonight's photos is of one of the guardians of the garden, along with a gargoyle, a hedgehog, and I am looking to get an obelisk as part of the entourage. The seem to be doing a good job, as SO FAR the deer have stayed away, as well as the woodchuck. Maybe that noisy poop dog from next door had freaked him out. (someday I am gonna write that blog about "neighbors" will probably be saved as sublimation for a horrid PMS night). The other two garden pics are of my peas, bok choy, and swiss chard, all ready for the picking.



annie kelleher said…
your garden is beautiful! i love the statues! i really hope you start to feel like your old self very soon!!!

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