Garden Bouquet of the week

It is late and I have had a full day.

This is the bouquet I picked from my garden tonight.
I have had bouquets of forsythia, and French white lilacs, parade through my house, but they are done now and it is time for the next round of flowers to present themselves.

Sadly, I missed the violets.

This week the garden presents me with lily of the valley and pink wild Columbine, and the azaelia is in bloom as well as my pink lilacs...just about ready to cut.

I am really paying attention to the garden and the cycles this year, and letting the plants dictate what I am going to do with them.

Till tomorrow,

Patti O Flower


annie kelleher said…
oh how absolutely beautiful... we had no lilacs this year because we had to prune the tree short during the construction... its coming back... and im planning on where to plant more!!!

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