The Last Supper

Being sick has had it's effects on me. Weekends I spend recovering from the fatigue and stress of the classroom and "running on empty". I often wake up in the middle of the night having to run to the bathroom, so even my sleep is compromised. I had to cancel my massage today as I feel horrid and can't be far from the loo.

Today I wrote on Facebook: home is where the bathroom is.

Indeed, how sadly true.

Tonight is the last supper. Larry stopped by Bistro-to-Go and picked up grilled eggplant, salmon, and couscous for the both of us for a mere 12.00. You could not MAKE IT for that!

After midnight tonight, when the food has already left me and is off to the next notch in the recycling chain, I cannot consume anything but clear fluids until the test is over with around 1 PM on wednesday. After all of this, I had BETTER fit into my smaller pants. It would be a nice gift the universe could give me along with an "at least there is no cancer" diagnosis.

I want answers, but the human body is often more complex than a straight forward, easily diagnosed problem. And then you toss the effects of the stress of everyday life, incorporate the mind/body connection, and throw in a little of this and a little of that, and you have one tossed salad. (Oh my..)

So off to take 2 more tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia which seems to be working far too well for my likes, its memories ring of childhood poop problems, and much nicer bottles to house it. It is far easier to drink out of a pretty cobalt blue glass bottle than a wimpy-ass blue plastic bottle.

Can you tell I am not having fun and the ride has only begun? And I have been in training for this for a month?

Patti O Mental Pause


Anonymous said…
Yikes honey, you have to fast until Wednesday? That does not sound fun, can you have clear soup? I will be thinking of you.....I hope you get the answers you want and need. KiSS
p.s. I love the paintings you started.
Hang in there Patti... this too shall pass, after it passes and passes and so on... I think you should make a sign, Home is where the bathroom is...jaja that is funny. Remember i can relate after my experience with Costa Rica... 4 months of everything I ate coming right out... then it takes your body tome to adjust to being healthy. You'll be ok. Do you have a Zapper?
annie kelleher said…
ooh.. patti i will be thinking of you .. wed seems a long time away ... xoxox.... annie
Patti Gibbons said…
I don't have a zapper. Don't know what that is.....but that wimpy ass blue plastic bottled stuff whipped my ass last night and I cannot go to work this morning. They never told me it might be this bad. Sheesh.

Good idea. I will make a new sign.

xxthanks friends.

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