So I am sitting in my classroom during my lunch and decide to retrieve my emails. There is an email from my friend Bardet who is coming east in a few days. We had planned a house party, where she would sell her sacred jewelry and Be Sweet items, and I would sell my earrings and cards and whatever else I can pull together.

BUT I thought it was next friday. It is this friday! I have to make cards, advertise, beg my boss to let me out an hour early (I get docked via personal or sick day........but I was planning to take 1/2 a day)cancel my therapy appointment, and somehow pull this all together. I know I work great under pressure, but this is CRAZY!!!

I have gone BATTY. Must be the season.

A short blog as I worked my 11 hours, then went out shopping for a bit as I desperately need pants for school, grabbed some sushi and then just got home.
My eyes are crossing, I have so much to say, but I am off to rest!

More to come---there alwasy is!. xxxpatti

PS this card was sold but I love it. I have a sign on my art room door...BATTY PATTI'S ROOM, lololol


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