I have to hop in the shower so I will keep this brief. I did not write yesterday as I was in the workshop all day and then attended my auntie's 76th birthday dinner up in the mountains. By the time I got home I just did my exercises and went to bed!

The workshop so far has been enjoyable. We did a guided meditation, a short meditation, some discussion and then painted all day. I am still frustrated with painting. It is something that I love to do, but feel I am not talented enough in to be a good painter--never mind GREAT painter. I do like the meditation and guided visualization and would like to take that with me in my life in general, so for that it was great. And, perhaps, if it points out to me that painting is just my therapy and that I should work on what my strengths are for making money, then that is ok too, though it is a bit disappointing to realize that I may never be as talented as I wish I were.

My celebrex seems to be working as I am relatively pain free all day. However the drug comes with all sorts of contraindictions and I wonder how long I can take it before it has its effects on my body.

Off to the showers and to prepare for another wonderful day in the woods in Melissa's studio. I think I will talk to her about my work and my feelings about painting, and see what she says. The nice thing is now that I am "grown up", I can face things with less disappointments and more acceptance as to what things are. I embrace with gratitude what talent I do have and will go that course.

Shanti, shanti shanti patti


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