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I never got to post yesterday as I was a maniac after my last post. I had baby all morning and then later on had the show at my friend's house. We always had someone there shopping; it was not a huge financial success, but the company was great, I met new people, ate lovely cheeses, sipped wine, and then had an amazingly HUGE sushi party later that evening.

The one blemish to the evening was the arrival of someone on my mailing list. Bardet's items are made in South Africa which she sells. The woman have their own business which supports them in an otherwise poverty stricken culture. So this guy comes in with the opening line of "I think all poverty is laziness, plain and simple" and then proceeded to make statements about "how long are we going to support and help THOSE PEOPLE and other comments as such". It started to get very nasty as the people who were there shopping were getting irate with his comments and he was not going to quit. My friend had to escort him out the door and into his car which he had left running.

Was that his entire motive for the evening? To be racist and disrupt an otherwise globally aware and sensitive group of people? I will take him off my mailing list, but not before I write him a letter. I had not known his political views, and he does indeed have the right to believe them, but he did NOT have the right to spew his hatred amounst a group of pro-active people.

We were in shock as this is not something that we encounter in our paths. I know we must be living in a sheltered world as there are many who do share his view, and it was a wake up call to the fact that there are MANY who believe this!

Megan is still in the hospital. Her stomach has opened back up down below and if the xrays are ok and she poops today, they will let her go home. She says her ribs hurt really badly and we are not sure that that is from (the endoscopy?) and she sounds very depressed. The biopsy results won't be back till next week, and I think she just wants to get out of there.

So soon I pick up Alanna, dodging the pouring rain we are having, and settle in for a quiet and fun filled afternoon with a 2 year old.

Todays art is a collage of magazine images that have been treated with a product called Never Dull, then rearranged etc. It is a fun process and I really love this image.

Till later, Patti

Comments said…
hi,i just read your blog.Are the grandma?I to take care of my grankids when my daughteris ill or actually anytime,hard to do art with a 3 month old ..but im traing him well.Your blog is intersting.I hope your daughter is doing better ,i myself have had stomach trouble ,not to her degree,,well good luck,,,good blog great art work..
MB Shaw said…
I LOVE this collage. It is so thought provoking, like it could be a journal prompt or something. Very inspired.

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