No Time to Cook

Working two jobs and doing 12+ hour days is not conducive to cooking. I won't even BORE you with the details of my long and tedious day, but at 8 PM at night Larry wanders into the studio and asks "what are we doing for dinner?" and I hand him the list of possibilities that exist. Leftovers from DAYS ago (most I have eaten in school for lunch), a sandwich from the local deli, or sushi, but OH, I FORGOT, not in the budget this week. Tonite we opted for the sandwich and a few salads.

today's card was actually inspired by our recent eating habits. I am not going to bother listing it on ebay as I am having the sale this week, but if you are interested in it, drop me a comment.

All we have in the garden by the way, are tiny little grape tomatoes that are still managing to ripen. They don't fill up Alanna, never mind us. Think we ought to go shopping?

Till tomorrow, patti


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