Mischief Night

I wanted to get into trouble tonite. My husband was working, I was fried from a long day. My day started out with my daughter calling to tell me that she might have internal bleeding, and they were doing what turned out to be 6 hours of testing. Still no answers. Then the baby sitter quit. Another huge problem. And I had to pick up the pieces from being gone from the classroom for 2 days last week.

So, a hot sake or glass of wine is not too much for a girl to ask for, no?

But alas, I could not find anyone to accompany me. My friend did go w/me to the costume store to buy something for us to wear to school tomorrow, and I got Alanna an adorable outfit. It has been 20 years since I took a 2 year old trick or treating. We had some giggles, especially when I put on a rasta wig w/ huge dreads. Then this strange lady come over and asked us if we were buying it - I said no, and she said something to the effect that she would charge us then for the entertainment if that is what we were seeking. Ann and I totally wigged out (no pun intended) and found another part of the store where we could indulge in some play without her around. I started out with a Cat Woman mask, but then I found a Venetian Renaissance style paper mask which I will wear with my Moreska Renaissance dress.......But I REALLY WANTED TO GO HAVE A DRINK, bite to eat, so I went home to have a nip of Methusela by myself........and bemoan a free evening with noone to be bad with.

And here I sit, with you.

But that is nice too and I know that my mischief was as innocent as child's play,and I look forward to living tomorrow's experiences through the eyes of a child.

In play, Patti


inventivesoul said…
I am reading your blog, trying to catch up on months of news.
I see that you just posted a new entry, and read that too.

The body is a reflection of the spirit.

It always comes to my mind when we talk.
A broken body = a broken spirit.
An ailing body = an ailing spirit.
A hurting body = a hurting spirit.

Patti, I really hope that your spirit finds it's rest and peace.

My thoughts are with you often, and I am happy that you are there for your kids.
You are a very strong woman. I always admired you for that.

One of these days we really should hang out!



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