Studio Tour Results

The tour is over. I am exhausted from cleaning, working, and talking. Today was much busier than yesterday, though most of the people who stopped by were my friends who always show up to say hi, see what I have been doing, or pick up some cards or such. A few neighbors stopped in while on their walks, and a few people who were on the tour stopped by. But for a mailing of 28,000 in the local paper, an art memebership of 500+, the amount of people that came from that was very few and I wondered why?

I noticed cars would slow down, look, and then drive by. I had lovely flowers outside the studio, signs, and even had to door open which I was told enticed one person to come in. Some people told me that perhaps it was because I was on the outskirts of town, that people focused on going to studios that were close together in the same neighborhood and they could walk and see several at a time. I am not off the beaten path, but you did have to drive a few minutes to my neighborhood, which is a lovely one full of lovely old historic houses.

Regardless, I met some really cool people, made new friends, and got to see many of my old friends. My friend from North Carolina is staying here for the week, and she bought her friend Dennis, and they jammed in my backyard, playing Irish tunes on guitar, fiddle, flute, and concertina. The wine flowed, great conversation was to be had, and it was all good.

A new customer whom I met on the internet through my ebay store came by and she bought me some great books to work with. I am awed by the generosity of people that I have met recently. My friend Bertha sends me Victoriana, obelisk images, and books, and now Deb gave me books she has saved for years. The kindness of strangers fills me with hope for the world. And, I have met the most incredible women to boot!

The card I posted here was given to me by one of the young men I met this weekend. A friend of mine sent him to me..he just moved here from Illinois and lives nearby. I fell in love with his business it looks like a piece of mail art and thought how clever!!!! I went to his website and I am equally impressed with it, especailly fascinating is his digital artwork. Oh, not to mention that I think his web design is hip, cool and FUN. Stop by and see his site and enjoy his art! I LOVE meeting young people (heck, I still think I am a mind is frozen at 19 but my body adds 30 years to that) and groove on their energy and artwork.

Oh, and the wedding was fun last night. I danced, ate, partied, and had enjoyed myself. I did not feel like I was a "single" person there as I was sitting at a great table full of lively and interesting people whom I knew, and my friend Lois (my friend that I go on many adventures with---) looked like a princess in her G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S gown. Rust colored with a fitted bodice encrusted with beads. Strapless, deeply cut, great decollete, with a beautiful woman to wear it no less. I forgot a camera...good thing because she puts Madame X to shame and I would have HAD to post her picture on my blog!

Off to relax and do my nightly exercise routine. If the weather holds out tomorrow I will do my first mile walk in the neighborhood. It has been a year since I have done that walk. I hope my body will hold up! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! patti


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