Halloween Art

Been playing around with Photoshop again as I need to complete a page for one of my fat books which I am participating in. I am having some program problems, and need to figure out the whys of it. I don't understand why some of my tools will just not work sometimes..like the eraser on various layers.

I posted the image I made last night (the reason of no blog posting...got too aggrevated and tired to post) It is not a done deal as I am having issues with it and will bring the files to school to play around on that computer and see if there it works there. But I thought it was fun anyway, even in its imperfections.

Also am posting a link to Duane Keiser on my blog. He is an artist who paints a small painting a day and links them on his blog to ebay. He has quite a following, and his work is lovely even on the internet ---- which NEVER gives our art the justice it deserves. Take a moment to check him out and you can subscribe to his announcements when he posts new paintings etc. He is inspiring as both an artist and one who knows how to market his work.

Off to the studio to get some work done. My guests have left, the memorial service isn't till 2, so I have a few hours to myself. There is a horrid smell of mildew in there which I can't find and is really upsetting me. I just had my open studio tour last weekend and all was fine. Now it stinks and I can't locate the source. We had some heavy rains but the studio did not flood--- so WHY????

Perhaps I will be back later. Have a great sunny sunday. It is lovely here in the northeast. The colors are wonderful and reaching peak color.



Gypsy said…
Oh Pootie!
I LOVE it! Some times while working in PS I forget to be on the right layer...do you have the right layer selected when you try your tools?

I am working on one as well! Hugs

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