Since yesterday was BAD BOYS, tonite's entry HAD to be BAD GIRLS. I can't WAIT till I have more time in the studio to make some more for these two lines. Right now I am finishing up a few internet orders, and still have not cleaned for my open house next weekend. How can one have a clean studio while working? I say it is IMPOSSIBLE!

I went to visit my two aunts today who are like the Collyer brothers. They have 3 houses which are all filled with wonderful antiques and prints, along with bags full of magazines, mail, newspapers and lord knows what else. You can barely walk through the one I have been to tonite, and the one in Queens...well, I am afraid to go there. I understand your feet never touch the floor.

It is an illness, something like OCD. I fear every living moment of my life that the disease will hit (they weren't always like this) and I too will be handicapped with the inability to throw anything out, telling everyone that "I might need it for art". Right now the disease is confined only to pre 1920 things, but over the years it has grown and has taken over some areas of my studio and house. My husband also has a touch of it, and we both have to work hard to keep it at bay.

Tonite my one aunt (the other is quite ill) took Larry and I out for our anniversary dinner. We had an nice time, as I am very found of my auntie. Halfway into the dinner, a table of priests and bishops sat next to us. I froze. I wondered, if the sky is going to fall in upon my head, now is the time. I looked up at them, and saw a group of aging men, some of whom looked like mountain men in their casual clothes. I have a hard time looking at Catholic priests, knowing the history of homosexuality in the church and the abuse of young boys. I have no issue with homosexuality. I do have issue with the church not allowing men to marry, yet harboring and protecting men who have abused young innocent boys for centuries. Let the men have affairs with one another, but leave the boys alone. I believe the church is going to have to make some changes, i.e. not condemn the use of birth control in countries like Africa, allow priests to marry, and let women become priests. Many of these rules come from century old edicts and the church needs to modernize if it is going to survive.

I am one of the BAD GIRLS. I got remarried without "buying" an annullment. I don't go to church. I don't like organized religion. Yet I give unconditionally to the youth of my community, help my brothers and sisters in need, donate money when I can, and love my fellow man no matter their race, religion, or sexual preference.

Pope John Paul apologized to the world for the abuse of children by nuns. Who are the bad girls now?


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