Workshop Part ll

Right now I am fit to be tied. Perhaps it is because it is not fair that I have to deal with life so soon after going to a workshop where I made time for ME and learned how to get into a place of peace.

My 22 year old daughter hung up on me after calling me and complaining about her problems and then disconnects when I don't play into her financial or emotional dramas. I am strong, but I crumble when push comes to shove. My kids have a good way of doing that to me. Or I allow this to happen. I feel so betrayed at times...I give up my saturdays to watch her baby, I take time off to sit for four hours in a cold hard court room to support her. I ask for nothing but respect, and she basically goes off on me and hangs up when she does not hear what she wants to hear. It hurts badly.

But pushing that aside, I had a very wonderful day at Melissa's. I really looked at my process and art as a journey, rather than feel negatively about my painting. Melissa's input was that she felt that no matter what I set out to do, I could be a success. It felt great to feel that confidence and support; it is something that we should have as children, but 2/3 of us don't get.

The image I posted tonite was a spirit essence portrait that we did. We were paired up, we took our partner's hands, and tried to feel the energy and get in touch with our intuition and the images that we were presented with during this exchange. I was amazed at what I felt, and how much of it was true. It just validated the fact that we have so much intuition and can go beyond what we dream to be possible.

The women in the group were amazing. It was a magical time and I am grateful to God, the universe, Allah, Buddha, whomever we look for for inspiration and the divine spirit. And Melissa. She is a very special soul.

For more information visit Melissa HarrisHer artwork and images are amazing and I am honored to have been in her studio and in her presence for the weekend!

In peace and creativity, Patti


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