Winds of Change

Today was the first reminder of what is to come. A cold brisk wind whipped most of the leaves off the trees and the killing frost from last week has turned even my most hardy plants umber and brittle. Darkness is descending like a black velvet cape so early now. I shall have to sit under lamps soon as I shrivel like the plants in the winter, devoid of heat and light.

This painting is of a sunset which I captured on my way home from work, along the Rondout Creek on Abeel Street. I, like Thomas Cole, opted out of depicting the railway in my painting. Perhaps some day I too will give in and give it placement in my work. But not now. The sky and the mountains are too glorious.

I am off to take some hot chicken soup to Megan. She is still in the hospital. It has been hard running my life with a 2 year old in tow and a sick daughter besides, who at 22, still very much needs mommy. I am PMSing to boot and think it is about time that I get rid of my period. I mean, grandmothers are supposed to be over with that, aren't they? LOL.

Off to write out some Halloween cards and do my lesson plans. I am not prepared to teach tomorrow after 3 days of visiting hospitals and a show and a toddler. I will ease into it tomorrow morning.....and hope all goes well.

G'nite, patti


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