I don't know where all my readers came from all of a sudden, but it is heartening to see that people have breezed through my blog. I share bits and pieces of my life..which has been and still continues to be intersting---to me anyway, and is full of art and living---even in the quietest of moments my mind races and thoughts come spilling out. I have some REALLY interesting stories, but alas, because I am a public servant, a teacher no less, I cannot tell all. I might be accused of being immoral or a tart or something like that, so you all have to fill in the blanks on that. Or bear with me until I retire when I can tell all.

The phrase I used above (Even in the Quietest Moments) was the title of a Supertramp album I think. They put on one of the best concerts I have even been the early 80's, in Springfield, Connecticut in the Civic Center. They had a video showing during one of their songs. I can hear the song, it had a great beat, but alas, I can't remember the name. I just remember a train speeding down a track while they sang it and feeling their music run right through me. That was one of the more memorable concerts, along with James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash, and other back in the 70-80's. It is great to still hear the likes of Bob Dylan still putting out good music, and the David Gilmour CD (of Pink Floyd fame) is quite good. I can still go back to those days.....geez, they were fun. Glad I survived them.

I am a bit tired. I was up far too late, have worked far too hard. Julie and I crawled into bed last night and snuggled up to watch Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert and Larry came home from teaching at Marist to find us curled up nodding out and snoring. He chuckled and we just laughed. It is such a comfortable thing to do with a dear friend, and we decided it was something that men would NEVER do! Can you imagine your man crawling into bed with his best friend to watch TV???? But we were back to being young girls doing a sleep over.

This card was inspired by an artist who used to make people whose heads were pansies. I searched on the internet to find who it was, but to no avail. I will have to dig through my collection to find out who it was! This girl is made from Victorian 1800's paper and is on EBAY.

Off to bed as I have another long day of teaching, then traveling to a clients house for a private lesson, and perhaps going to one of my fave art stores in New Paltz, and to a fab shoe store to drool over the shoes that they have there. Still no money to spend, but I can sure start a wish list! ADIEU, Patti


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