WANTED: Fairy Godmother

Groan. The tour is less than 2 days away. There are still piles in the studio and tables cluttered with art, art supplies, glasses, and more. How am I going to get it done by 12 noon on saturday while teaching, attending open house, making labels for the art show...and anything else?

I am resigned to the fact that I am wearing one of my old dresses to the wedding, as well as figure out what pair of shoes that I have that will go with it. There is no time to shop unless the Payless store down the street has a cute, comfortable pair of shoes that these broken feet can wear. My girlfriend even came over and bought 2 dresses for me to try on, but one was too big, and the other too long. Maybe I will get really sick and not have to go. I am going alone as it is, because Larry has to work the CPW auction and I will be going alone to a wedding for perhaps the first time in my life?! I mean, who goes to weddings ALONE???? Especially when they are married? Oh well, chalk it up to another interesting adventure, sure to make a blog entry!

I am so fried that I think I might have even used tonight's image another time. Oh well, I don't have the energy to look for another one. I am heading off to do my tedious exercises, and hopefully catch Dave Chapelle on Comedy Central. He is sooo funny. If I miss him, then I am sure to catch the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart. Not as funny, but worth watching (most of the time..once in a while he bombs too)

Oh and this looks like the kind of fairy godmother I would order up to help me clean my studio and do all the work that needs to get done miraculously. One did show up and dust my ceiling and ceiling fan in the studio..only it was a fairy godfather as it had a beard...or else the godmother really needed a plucking.

hahahaha i crack myself up.. (actually sleep deprevation has made me insane)

ahahahahaha patti


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