A Parting Shot

I have been writing all evening in response to a series of exercises I am doing with a group with Eric Maisel,who is a well known creativity coach and author. I am enjoying it for the most part, except when I have to think too hard about existential creativity and other prompts that just wear me out. Perhaps if I did it in the morning I could think clearer but I got a bit behind and just finished up a few hours of heavy reading, thinking, and writing. Soon I have to head upstairs to read an article by my therapist (whom I adore in case you have not read my previous blogs) that is a Jungian interpretation of the Mona Lisa. I have to return it to her tomorrow, but I do look forward to reading it as I have studied Da Vinci a bit and am intimately familiar with a few of his works.

So for tonite I thought I would share this parting shot, a good laugh for the day. It is a picture of my friend's mom and siblings. Check out those bloomers and pants!It is a picure of innocence and curiosity. What IS down below that bridge that they are so intently gazing at? And where is the PARENT? Can't they see that those kids are ready to fall over that fence head first into the water?

But they didn't and all's well that ends well.

Sleep well my friends! Gute nacht, Patti


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