A Golden Apple Doth Appear

What an appropriate title for tonights blog. I had the evening totally to myself and went into the studio for a few hours. I felt a creative surge go through me and I felt for a fleeting moment that all was clear and I would find the right path in my art life. I realized that Melissa was indeed right. I was going to have to make some major changes if art is what I want to do. I cannot change my full time job for now, but I can change how I concentrate my art time. I like the discipline of my blog so that won't go. I do like making my cards and the steady but small income it provides

So tonites little voices went something like this: "do I continue to make my greeting cards on the hopes that I will always have a handful of clients to buy them, or do I stop making them and ONLY make art and price it higher? I could raise the price of my cards! People are getting handmade mini works of art for 4-8.00! Isn't that absurd? BUT I LOVE MAKING THE CARDS. Why? They MAKE ME MONEY. But...do they make you the money that you deserve and need, and how much an hour do you make?" Silence. "OK maybe you can make a few cards here and there to keep the heat paid. Paint more, make bigger and more permanent pieces. Ease into it. It's all good. Most of all have faith and be POSITIVE. CREATE MY OWN REALITY. (I really like that philosophy)

Oddly enough, I made a stack of cards tonite. I started a few collages but promptly lost one in the piles. Sigh. But the work flowed and I was joyous, and all was good.

And if you too want a golden apple, go to ebay and you can bid on the card. It is magical.

in peace, patti


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