In my backyard is hidden a concrete Buddha. Different flowers bow before him, depending upon what has survived or been planted for the season. Pink Oriental poppies are in bloom now. They were supposed to be white, but I gracefully cherish their soft pinkness amidst the oranges and red leaves that are starting to spot the yard. Larry is more upset that they are pink as he yearned for white, and is also upset that the moonflowers that we bought turned out to be pink morning glories. It must be the year of pink for him.

I bought Larry that Buddha for Larry one father's day, many springs ago. There was a fabulous statuary supplier in the woods up near the Ashokan and we would go each spring to pick out a piece for our garden. He fell in love with this piece, and it has lived in the yard and become one of the focal points. One summer afternoon I sat and painted him, and just the other day decided to make the little painting into a card. It had been sitting in a box for a while now, and I thought that it was time for him to come out and make a meaningful piece of art to be shared with someone else.

I managed to clean up most of the studio tonite, Megan showed up (my daughter) to help me make some earrings and I finished up some cards. It will never be as clean and organized as I would like, but I have to remember, this is a studio tour of studios that are worked in! It is not a GALLERY TOUR or a store tour, it is a glimpse into the sacred space of the artist. Had I more energy, I would have taken a picture, but the batteries for the camera are in some babies toy, so I will leave that for some other time this weekend.

I smudged the studio with sage which I bought in the midde of the desert in a tiny hut in Arizona, the sand blowing through the cracks, the son, aging father, and old dog on a bench. I think of them, the ancient lands I traveled when I light it, and smile. I feel their spirit with me and thank the universe for the gifts it has given me.

May the weekend be abundant for all. Patti


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