More Photoshop in Progress

I just finished dinner; it is near 9:00. I so wanted to soak in a hot tub, my body hurts, I have worked too long, and I yearn for some down time after a long day. But I remembered, HEY, MY BLOG!!!!!! Got to finish off the evening with that! Tonite's pic *IF IT EVER LOADS* is a work in progress. A photo taken in New Orleans before the Hurricane. A host of ghosts walking down the street in the evening. It is not finished, only a bit of space on my hard drive for now, but an image all the same.

It is autumn and the light is fading and I slip away into a mood....the smell of autumn, the beginning of decay in my garden. Dead tomato plants with little cherry corpses strewn about my patch of land that I farm in my little city. The basil is still struggling; it is closer to the house than the tomatoes. My mesclun is frozen at 1" tall for weeks now. I have not seen any snowflakes yet, but I smell them in the air. They are coming. They are just waiting for the right time.

I get tired in the evenings..they come so soon with the fall of darkness. I struggle with all the things that need to be done. I know that as of December 21, the days will be getting longer again and I try and endure this cycle of light and wonder, will I even make enough money to head south or west for the winter?

And, with that, I bid you adieu. xxpatti


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